Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Laying the Foundation

Now that the site has been cleared, the crew gets to work setting the foundation for the new witchott.
The foundation of the current witchott was constructed with concrete so as to withstand the traffic of visitors to the site. Concrete, however, proved to be less beneficial over time than previously expected. The concrete trapped rain water under the witchott's foundation, causing the structure to now become unstable from decay.

The new witchott, instead, will rest on a foundation of packed clay which will allow rain water to filter out naturally and protect the structure from damage and exposure.

 (feat. Ernie Stones leveling with the tractor phot courtesy of Sean Kerchner)
Before the clay is added, the crew spreads a layer of gravel over the site to create a sturdy foundation.
 (feat. Corey Savage. photo courtesy of Sean Kerchner)
 (feat. Steve Blank photo courtesy of Sean Kerchner)

A plastic tarp is layed over the foundation to contain the freshly-layed gravel before the clay is added.         

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