Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The First Steps of the
Witchott Re-Construction Project

On May 24, Hamlet site supervisor, Coby Treadway, assisted by Sam Pratt took to the field before the site opened for visitors to mark the dimensions of the new witchott.
(fore. 5 sticks marking the circumference of the new witchott; back. Current witchott)

(Coby uses a machete to cut the sticks down to size before marking the foundation)
Coby and Sam use long sticks to mark the circumference of the witchott using their feet and best judgment to measure the distance between the poles. They will later use standard measuring equipment to verify the measurements.
Coby and Sam planted 5 sticks to mark the basic dimensions for the witchott to define the area that will become the foundation. Once the foundation is laid, Coby and his team will use a hand drawn blue print to assist them in placing 60 poles around the site to create the frame of the longhouse as well as 33 interior poles to construct the basic layout of the witchott.

Coby and Sam confirm the initial measurements to prepare the site for excavation and the laying of the foundation.
The first markings have been made for the new witchott! Follow along and watch every step of the re-construction process unfold!

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