Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Looking like a Long- House!

 The Witchott Re-Construction Project continues to progress toward a fully constructed witchott! With the additional horizontal poles, the ends of the witchott have been formed.
 4 doorways have been constructed around the structure, making the witchott look more like the long-house it will soon become.
 The team continues to finish creating the grid frame of the witchott, bending and tethering long poles aross the entire witchott.
 Sam and Nat negotiate the grid structure to secure all setions of the witchott's frame.
 Before tethering the poles together, the poles must be bent and pulled close together to mold the witchott into the correct shape.
 Through strenuous work, the witchott is finally taking shape! Follow our blog to stay updated on the progress of the Re-Construction Project as we reach our goal of building the new witchott!

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