Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Volunteer Day!

On August 13th, volunteers came out to the Woodland Indian Hamlet for our final Volunteer Day. Volunteers assisted the Re-Construction Crew in various aspects of the wichott's construction throughout the day namely tethering poles of the witchott's structure and sewing mats for the witchott's exterior.
 The team, with the help of our volunteers, continued to apply poles across the arches of the witchott.
 While several volunteers assisted Coby on site, others joined Cathy in the Visitor's Center Auditorium to sew mats.
The mats sewn were synthetic phragmite mats which will cover the frame of the witchott and later will be covered with natural phragmite mats. A sheet of plastic is sandwhiched between 2 of the synthetic mats to create a waterproof cover for the witchott.

 Once the structure of the witchott is completed, the team will attach the phragmite mats to the exterior.

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